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And because of the dishonesty throughout the media, my father established a written company-policy to never talk to mainstream journalists.

We refused to speak to several reporters, for they were out to besmirch Neo-Tech. For decades we turned down all requests for interviews, for they were only attempting to smear us.

I tried to explain this to Wales, but he would not see the obvious.

The Wikipedia community needs to recognize this imbalance and step in to remove a negative fanatic.

A short, uncontroversial explanation of Neo-Tech should be acceptable. I certainly don’t know anything of the philosophy, and so I cannot contribute anything myself; so there’s your explanation.

—Cast (talk) , 30 January 2011 (UTC)Well, the problem isn’t that those who know of Wallace are unaware of this.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) , 22 July 2010 (UTC) The edit wars described on my father’s Talk page above largely implicate Wikipedia editor “Bi”.Corning Specialty Care is a nursing home facility located in Corning that accepts Medicaid and Medicare patients.It has a rating of 5 compared to the state average of 3.46/5.Yet the comments on my father’s Wikipedia Talk page today, several years later, indicate that, indeed, there was something wrong: Frank_R._Wallace .Below I copy/pasted from my father’s Wikipedia Talk page at the time of this article: is.

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