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One of my first beloved perfumes and I still like it and have great memories bound to it.I rarely wear it nowadays since I have so many and I´m more of a gourmand lover with a fondness of a bit heavy, sweet, dark gourmands.The gym is a tricky one because you want it to smell fresh & clean so this works perfectly. This suites best for young woman (eaven though i’m over 30...). I love the scent but I'm just saying, the sweet fruity apple is very reminiscent. Woody dry down and it's overall pretty inoffensive. I owned this years ago and a friend recently bought one for me as a thank you gift.

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I know, I spray always too much, but the opening is very strong and heavy, intrusive for me.

I really fancied something reminiscent of crisp, green apples for summer. Sprayed a tester today after almost doing an impulsive blind buy. I'm greeted with the same crisp green apple top notes.

My goodness, am I ever glad I didn’t buy this without testing it. I let the fragrance sit on my skin as I walk around the fades to that powdery cucumber scent.

After a couple of hours, it sittles down, and becomes a nice, girly, but quite synthetic scent, which is good for everydays.

My husband hates it, he tells me always, that I am smelly, when I wear this one.

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