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There is something of a price-war on direct cremation in California but some cremation providers may not include all costs in an advertised direct cremation package.Be sure to check the price includes the cremation container and crematory fee. The cost of a funeral can differ between different providers for the exact same service, and many funeral homes refrain from disclosing prices because they claim that funerals are not cookie-cutter.One of the first things many families turn to do when a death occurs is choose a funeral services provider to handle the services.There are in the region of 1,200 funeral homes throughout California, so deciding upon which funeral home to select can be a pretty daunting task to do. Are you planning ceremony services at the funeral home and therefore require a suitable California is one of the states where the cremation rate is higher [7 out of 10 Californians choose cremation], this generally means that you can you arrange a cremation at a lesser cost than in many other states.As California direct cremation services are popular, and the state licenses direct disposition, a complete direct cremation can be obtained at a very competitive price.Do be sure to check around and make sure any direct cremation prices quoted include the same service/products.The NFDA (2012) surveyed the average cost of a funeral at ,045 and this was without cemetery costs.

It provides some tips on Californian funeral legislation, some key points you may be considering if you are planning a funeral or cremation, and an overview of cremation costs.Now, of course, there are much more inexpensive burial options and this is where it is important to ensure you shop around and make inquiries from at least 3 funeral homes.Californian law does not require vaults or grave liners.Although you must bear in mind that decomposition will proceed more rapidly without refrigeration or embalming.Californian law states that embalming is not required.

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