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80 daily minutes in a car translates to roughly 900 miles (0) and 22.5 hours of your time (say, 0) a month, for a grand minimum total of 50.

All that, just to live near nothing but strip malls and TV-watching suburban commuters.

So I’m assuming an apartment like this would list for upwards of ten grand a month. 00 per month step onto a subway for your morning commute and move down to a less luxurious apartment building, you can find central-Toronto 2/2 apartments for 00.

Share one of those with a roommate, and you can work a minimum wage job (.00/hr) in this city, pay for rent and food, and still save almost 50% of your income, retiring from your job working at Starbucks by age 37.

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Brand new 900 square foot luxury apartment with 9 foot ceilings and two walls of glass overlooking the city’s hottest “Byward Market” district: 50 per month.

In Ottawa you have a stunning riverfront, forests and parks and bike paths that lead everywhere, and rapid transit that would eliminate any need to ever own a car. ,000 per month, plus the 0 it costs to feed and treat and house and transport and occasionally kennel the a dog, compounds to roughly 8,200 every decade if you invest the money instead. Are you really rich enough to spend a million dollars, and clean up warm squishing chunks of excrement daily with only your bare hand and a plastic bag, just so you can have this extra bit of companionship during your sparse time outside of work? And we haven’t even mentioned one of the biggest joys of renting: unlimited mobility.

Would you really waste an extra ,000 per month just so your kids could play on your personal fenced-in postage stamp overlooked by vinyl-clad suburban houses in every direction while you are out stuck in traffic? On a whim you can jump to a new place anywhere in the world.

Every major urban highway should be shut down and converted to gardens and bike paths, with a few solar awnings thrown in – just enough to power the entire city.

So I ran these numbers by a fellow Canadian, expecting full astonished agreement.

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