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Chapter 33 : Betrayal Ayla became more and more restless as days turned to weeks due to HOPE keeping the girl occupied.

With such an increase in production, there was more to go over more often, which left the brunette little time to herself and her toys.

It was fun playing bitch and whore, but it was also fun to have a friend to go to the movies and play games with. 'I don't want to be a slut...' she recanted from when she was still trying to figure out her own lust. I want one that will gag at just the sheer mention of dick. Her eyes welled up as the glassiness disappeared, the situation bringing her back from her lust. She was the owner of this business first and foremost, and Tasha was just an object, an object that she herself had requested to be treated as from so long ago. She was about to speak up before HOPE interrupted her. Because I could believe that having such extra favoritism would make you think you were different than the whores that come through here." Tasha was intimidated by the other, but even so, didn't back down. A glance towards the redhead was all that was needed for the girl to come over to her Mistress.

Any tech left on the island only remained out of fear.Even sight was beginning to come back to her as she realized she was lying on the floor to side the of the desk. You don't gag, you don't resist, you're nothing." "But I did it for you! When Tasha knocked the older girl's hand away, she was rewarded with another slap, much harder this time. The blond stood up, facing angry brown eyes as best as she could. HOPE's chime interrupted the two, but Ayla spoke first. " the murderous intent was obvious in the girl's eyes. You've never stepped in on any of my playtime before!"Stupid cunt." Ayla said to herself after tossing the girl off her lap. Tasha put a hand to her stinging cheek, "What happened to you? "Not now HOPE." "I must insist that you refrain from abusing the product," HOPE responded. You were." The shock only lasted a moment before Ayla lunged at Tasha, growling. "Mistress Ayla," HOPE said curtly, "If you can not restrain yourself, I will be forced to subdue you myself." There was something about the way the AI said it that didn't sound right. I will handle the discipline." Growling again, Ayla turned towards the ceiling. " "The United Nations are currently waiting on one of the lines for someone other than an AI to pick up. If this is not settled, it could be possible that we may face an even deeper inspection. " Ayla acquisced as she shook off the ones restraining her when they released their grip.She recounted the time she first met Aiya, when they explored their sexuality, the first time she tasted cum, when she first ordered her sex toys off the internet, and even when she degraded herself on webcams. Her own orgasm hit as she regained her ability to breathe and she could have sworn she felt her heart skip a beat. You still have a little bit of resistance left in you." Tasha didn't even look at the object of her once-desires. " she shouted at the two herms that were holding onto her. " Tasha was backing up towards the door to the office, "I thought I was the one that was trapped, but that's not the case. If it's not Ezenia, it's HOPE, but either way, you're master of this island now and there's no way out. Before the redhead could move, HOPE addressed the two, "Do not follow that order or there will be consequences." Rebecca looked back and forth between Ayla and the door to the office, not sure if she should listen to the AI or her Mistress.Her extremities felt numb as she could finally breathe. "You only want me broken and beaten like Ezenia did." "Don't compare me to that gutter trash! She approached again, this time grabbing one of Tasha's breasts and tried to pull her down to the ground. I don't even know if you would want out." "Rebecca! "Stay the fuck out of this HOPE and have these freaks release me!

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