Accomodating gender equity

It means that accomodations are made based on the person’s needs, not by creating sameness.

Equity needs to happen for both sexes or else we won’t value each other properly.

However, none adequately justify or explicate the difference, even though one remains (2).

Female hospitalists work more night shifts, are more likely to work in an academic setting, and earn nearly 000 per year less than their male peers (1).

The biggest question is really, how can we make both sexes happier when it comes to each other?

Average prison sentence for women who killed their male partners — 15 years.

Program developers and practitioners are in a strong position to address unhealthy and inequitable gender norms, transforming them into healthy and equitable ones.

This article will explore ways that adolescent reproductive and sexual health program developers and practitioners can incorporate a gender transformative approach in developing or adapting curriculum-based interventions designed to prevent adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

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