Accommodating students with

By federal law, a person with a disability is any person who: If you are working with a student that you suspect has a learning disability, we recommend you refer them to the SSD director or assistant director so they may be screened to determine whether full assessment is recommended. For suggestions on how to talk to a student about the possibility of a learning disability, please consult with Veva Cheney, Director of SSD or Barbara Woodhead, Assistant Director of SSD.Below are some indicators that a learning disability may exist: As mentioned earlier, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has established a procedure for accommodating students.

Some people think of learning disabilities as something of short duration that can be cured with help.The two primary pieces of legislation that place obligations on Universities include Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.Both require access beyond architectural barriers to include accommodations providing equal access to all aspects of recreational and academic opportunities.Rather they can be combinations of difficulties which may include language processing problems, visual spatial confusion, memory and sequence difficulties, and or unusually high anxiety" (Bliss, 2000).Adult education teachers need to individualize instruction for students who have learning disabilities in math.

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