Accommodating iol synchrony

in the USA led by a team of Nobel Prize winning Scientists.

The macromers are designed to be sensitive to harmless ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength.

Any adjustment required to perfect the vision is carried out by the digital light delivery device which is designed to deliver the exact dose and profile of light onto the LAL to correct any residual errors.

Light adjustability of the lens is based on the principles of photochemistry and diffusion whereby components incorporated into the lens matrix are photopolymerised on exposure to the UV light.

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery where the ageing lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one.

Cataract surgery is the commonest operation performed worldwide with over 14 million procedures carried out each year.

When this light is shone into the eye the macromers link together in a very controlled and specific way called photopolymerisation.

Light Adjustable Lens Technology The Light Adjustable Lens silicone was developed from the same material used in modern implants available today worldwide.

Once the desired prescription is achieved further UV light is passed through the lens to ‘fix’ it in position to make the adjustment permanent.

Light Adjustable Lens Results The digital light delivery device calculates the strength and angle of light to make the adjustment to the lens.

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