Access table checking if still updating

MAX_VALUE def d = 9223372036854775807 assert d instanceof Long // Long.

MAX_VALUE 1 def e = 9223372036854775808 assert e instanceof Big Integerdef na = -1 assert na instanceof Integer // Integer.

Linked List Linked List other Linked = [3, 4, 5] (2) assert other Linked instanceof By allowing you to place underscore in number literals, it’s easier to spot those groups: long credit Card Number = 1234_5678_9012_3456L long social Security Numbers = 999_99_9999L double monetary Amount = 12_345_132.12 long hex Bytes = 0x FF_EC_DE_5E long hex Words = 0x FFEC_DE5E long max Long = 0x7fff_ffff_ffff_ffff L long also Max Long = 9_223_372_036_854_775_807L long bytes = 0b11010010_01101001_10010100_10010010assert 42I == new Integer('42') assert 42i == new Integer('42') // lowercase i more readable assert 123L == new Long("123") // uppercase L more readable assert 2147483648 == new Long('2147483648') // Long type used, value too large for an Integer assert 456G == new Big Integer('456') assert 456g == new Big Integer('456') assert 123.45 == new Big Decimal('123.45') // default Big Decimal type used assert 1.200065D == new Double('1.200065') assert 1.234F == new Float('1.234') assert 1.23E23D == new Double('1.23E23') assert 0b1111L.class == Long // binary assert 0x FFi.class == Integer // hexadecimal assert 034G.class == Big Integer // octal operator, with two parameters: the base and the exponent.The result of the power operation depends on its operands, and the result of the operation (in particular if the result can be represented as an integral value).An empty slashy string cannot be represented with a double forward slash, as it’s understood by the Groovy parser as a line comment.That’s why the following assert would actually not compile as it would look like a non-terminated statement: .

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