A rod dating wrestler

Other than the completely unbelievable thought that Rob Lowe could beat anybody up ever, it's a pretty cool ending. Even though the end with the "just float it" moment with his mom was super weak sauce, it was a fun movie to watch because it made you think about not just what it would be like to play in the major leagues, but to do it NOW!

This movie deserves to make the list for no other reason than this spectacular picture of James Earl Jones looking like Debo from Friday. He used to be a football player too, in a different life.

I don't even care that John Candy could never have been a bobsledder; I loved him in this movie, and it's such a crazy story you can't help but be sucked in even when Doug E. Before Le Bron James became one of the most unlikeable athletes of all time, this movie helped make him one of the most likeable.

Yes, he still referred to himself in the third person a bit too often, but when you saw how he came up, with everyone telling him how great he was his whole life, it helps give you a perspective on why he thinks and acts the way he does.

The plot device of having Cruise's signature move be passing on the outside was totally unrealistic, but then again so is anything where Cruise is an athlete of any sort, so I just went with it.

Nick Saban called it "not realistic enough."has got some pretty kick-ass fight scenes.

Chiwetel Ejiofor play a jiu-jitsu instructor who ends up having to fight for honor at the end of the movie, as do most martial artists in movies who claim they don't want to fight.

Is there anything a sports fan loves more than a good sports movie?

Judging by the staggering amount of them out there, I'm inclined to say no.

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