A generals insights into leadership and management reorganizing consolidating downsizing

This began to create the need, simultaneously, to build the appropriate internal Technology Infrastructure organization design, managing the shift of roles, people, etc from several organizations to the centralized group.

A key change management implication in this work involved the necessary downsizing that occurred as a result of the integration and the outsourcing.

It also involved managing change regarding where certain roles were placed, i.e.

some roles moved out of the business into IT and also the reverse in some instances. Phase Five might be called the “partnership building” phase.

- lower IT cost in support of reducing the bank’s NIX ration - increase technology efficiency and effectiveness, including consideration of increased, even major, outsourcing - better serve both the business lines and the bank overall in providing existing customers with more leading edge solutions which would also attract new business for CIBC - enhance the infrastructure organization as part of cost management but also to capture opportunities for greater integration and consolidation of platforms through application of better architecture and newer, more advanced systems - for the information technology organization itself to move from a decentralized system to a “one organization” model and to see work moved out of the bank to outside suppliers - for the lines of business and their employees who would be dealing with IT in a totally different manner as accountability for providing needed applications and infrastructure would be placed under the single bank CIO - for both, a major shift to needing to work more in “partnership”—within IT between Applications, between Applications and Infrastructure, and between IT and the business.

Coreinternational, with Paul Tremlett as project lead, undertook a multi-phase, multi-year initiative working with the CIO, the EVP Applications, and the EVP Infrastructure as the principal, accountable, executives.

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And, again, as this work moved along, interfacing with the business lines was impacted which had to be managed simultaneously.Dictionary.com's first Word of the Year was chosen in 2010.Henry identifies the seven key elements of organizational change, and provides guidance on how to make sure each element is in place.His advice is practical and to the point and covers everything from the importance of body language to how to stay ahead of the competition.Contents: Creating the Defense Contract Management Command, ...

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