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Should the Dominions desire to exclude Indian immigrants, it is recognised that they have a right to do so ; but if there is any worth in the conception of Imperial citizen- ship, the exclusion must be based not upon racial and political grounds, but upon reasons of an economic or social character.

There is thus no B 2 question of a conflict between India's claims and such expressions of Dominion feeling as are embodied in what is rather unfortunately called '"The White Australia Policy".

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In response to this new orientation, the policy of His Majesty's Government was carefully examined and clearly defined.

The result was the momentous Declaration made in the House of Commons on August 20th, 1917, which laid down as the goal of British Rule in India the progressive realization of Responsible Government of the kind enjoyed by the self-governing Dominions.

Montagu provided a first step towards the attainment by India of Responsible Government. So far as the former aspect is concerned, the goal has been clearly defined, and the steps towards its attainment are plain- ly in sight.

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RUSHBROOK WILLIAMS All Souls College Oxford Director of Public Information Government of India CALCUTTA SUPERINTENDENT GOVERNMENT PRINTING, INDIA 1923 Agents for the Sale of Books Published by the Superintendent of Government Printing, India, Calcutta.

But as a result first of the moral e fleet upon Imperial opinion of India's contribution to the vic- tory and secondly, of the immense stimulus to democratic ideas result- ing from the course of the conflict, the national movement in India rapidly assumed a form at once more definite and more far-reaching than it had previously known.

But in the case of the Colonies, Indian opinion holds Great Britain directly res- ponsible for any legitimate grievances in respect of which Indians may complain.

This distinction comes out most clearly in the matter of emi- gration. In the Imperial Conference of 1918, there was passed what is generally known as the Reciprocity Resolution.

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