3d adult chatting game

For each activity, you will be rewarded with Smeet Fame Points.

Experience a whole new kind of 3D virtual life game!

So take advantage of our Boosts Happy Hour starting from 9am UK time (that's 3am on the U. East Coast) on Monday 16th July, lasting a WHOPPING 24 HOURS!

In the 3D Smeet World, you can play cool integrated browser games, casual games and other fun Flash games.

Play now with your friends, beat their High Scores or meet new people as you play.

Each Boost you earn during this time will magically double! It’s the height of summer and that means only one thing. The World Cup is into the closing stages and the excitement is building!

Time to fly abroad somewhere hot, lay on the beach and get sunburnt, eat all your meals at chain fast food restaurants because you don’t trust ‘foreign food’, and then indulge in one-too-many cocktails and culturally offend the locals on your stumble home. Thanks again to everyone who participated in last week's team contest - we had so many great entries from ALL the domains and so we wanted to show you a selection of some of our favorites!

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