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22 18 AB 76 Assembly Government Affairs Prohibits local government from adopting ordinance relating to zoning that prohibits or restricts residential developments based on certain characteristics of occupants.

16 73 SB 113 Senate Judiciary Senator James Makes various changes within prison system to increase penalties for controlled substances within correctional institutions, expand work and educational requirements, and adopt strict code of discipline for inmates.

R 859 ACR 3 Assemblywoman de Braga Amend Joint Standing Rules to require setting of salaries of Nevada Highway Patrol Officers at rate equivalent to certain salaries of law enforcement officers of local governments.

24 872 Requested by Legislator Revises period during which certificate of candidacy can be filed for major political party's nomination for partisan elective office or as candidate for nomination for any nonpartisan office.

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Use the order calculator below and get ordering with now! Change and differences made it easy to embrace relativism. Probably the development of a complex society, the emergence of a leisure class because of the use of slavery, the expansion of empire and ability to compare ideas, cosmopolitanism.43 550 AB 116 The Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Assoc.Authorize Peace Officers Standards and Training Committee to determine number of hours and frequency of training for peace officers mandated by another agency or governmental body.

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