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Natalie runs events and courses to help people take control of their lives and relationship and answer fundamental questions to unlock their happiness.The Guyliner was created in 2010 by Justin Myers, a freelance writer and editor, originally intended to document and review all of the men he has dated (he lined up guys then dated them).With posts covering a variety of topics across the dating scene, Hey Saturday unsurprisingly focuses on online dating.Its posts are often accompanied with beautiful photography, thanks to founder Saskia’s belief that good photography can put pleasure back into online dating.His blog now contains excerpts from his freelance work for GQ, the legendary Guardian Blind Date column called ‘Table Manners?Impeccable’ and he answers questions from his readers – all alongside date reviews.Justin is also writing two novels, and writes a range of freelance content for a variety of publications from International Business Times to Stylist.

A new entry to the ranking, Never Settle is written by Eve Greenow and was founded in 2015 after Eve got out of a toxic relationship.

The blog then grew, she went on more dates and had more crappy experiences – and while not all dates were bad, the rubbish ones made the best content.

Naomi covers dating, sex and relationships and posts include topics as diverse as ‘phubbing’, things that happen in porn that never happen in real life and reviews of dating apps.

Though he claims to be no dating expert, his blog of four years would suggest otherwise.

Paul covers every aspect of dating and relationships from the first date, to sex, fights and break ups.

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