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Unlike the change in Claire's role, no on-screen reference was made regarding this change.

The pair consummates their relationship during this season, resulting in Vanessa becoming pregnant at season's end and setting up the series for related storylines through the remainder of the show. Introduced in the middle of the second season, Claire begins a relationship with the religious-minded Tony, portrayed by young actor Andrew Mc Farlane. In the episode "Breaking Up and Breaking It," (Season 1) Mc Farlane first appears as Roger, Claire's first crush.

Michael and Jay have three children: Michael Kyle, Jr., usually called simply "Junior" (George O.

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Jazz Raycole, who was the original portrayer of Claire, had departed the series after season one.

Damon's look-alike son, Damon Wayans, Jr., wrote a season four episode and became a regular writer in the fifth season.

Elvira Wayans also wrote a couple of episodes in the fifth season.

Given that Freeman bears no resemblance to the first actress, the second season premiere ("Mom's Away") obliquely refers to the change: upon Claire's entrance down the stairs of the set, Michael notices a difference about his daughter and declares, "Whatever it is, you look like a whole new person." During the third season, piano prodigy Noah Gray-Cabey joins the cast as young Kady's playmate Franklin, who is something of a child genius.

Despite being a playmate, Franklin and Kady are openly "boyfriend and girlfriend".

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