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In most instances this effort to ‘rehabilitate’ a man into someone who can satisfy childhood needs for a father’s love once again lead to disappointment, low self-esteem, and further feelings of loss.When a father is absent from a daughter’s life he cannot teach his daughter about men.This post is about the possible effects of an emotionally absent father on a daughter’s adult love life.Many women see a connection between the difficulty they are having in their love lives and the fact of their own father’s absence when they were growing up.A daughter’s attachment to her father is complicated by the fact of their opposite sex relationship.In a healthy father-daughter relationship, a daughter feels nurtured by her father, and acknowledged as on her way to becoming a woman.Identifying with an unavailable father can occur in the form of picking unavailable lovers, or turning oneself into an unavailable lover or both.

They prepare her for the task of differentiating between men who truly love her and men that don’t.I’ve also organized our treatment of this topic into three parts: your (daughter) emotional need for your father, what you should learn from your father, and what parts of your father’s personality you might identify with.Just as with a son, a daughter needs to experience the presence and love of a stable father growing up.A woman who makes it to adulthood with unresolved needs for her father’s love can act this out in a committed love relationship or marriage by expecting her lover or husband to make up for all the love she has lost.In many instances older needs for parenting love emerge somewhat later in a relationship, once the excitement and newness wear thin.

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